About Tuff Toe™

Tuff Toe ™ Inc. started as a garage business in the mid 1970’s and has grown into the largest pitching toe manufacturer in the world. We still keep that small-time garage business attitude when dealing with our customers whether you are Nike, a major University, or a regular guy who is hard on his boots.

Tuff Toe ™ is used by every Major League Baseball team and many Collegiate baseball and softball teams across the United States as well as our Olympic Baseball and Softball teams. Twenty years ago we expanded into boot protection for those hard-working men and women who tear out the fronts of their boots. Over the years we have continued to develop new solutions for everyday problems. We are happy to be another piece of equipment for mechanics, roofers, masons, carpet layers, plumbers, welders, miners, and construction workers.

The only way to make a garage business into one that does business all over the world is through a trail of satisfied customers. Our excellent customer service is the backbone of our success. If you are not satisfied with one of our products or services please contact customer service so we can take care of you.